Escape to Burgundy

We are very lucky to be fairly frequent visitors to Burgundy and it is always a relief to run away to the bottom of the Côtes de Beaune when it all gets too much.  When I get there,  I am in wine heaven as you will imagine!

What excites me every time is to drive down to Dijon on the autoroute and to look out for that first glimpse of the Côte d’Or on our right.  As soon as I see it, I feel as though I’ve come home.  The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines are just delicious and we have found some great reasonably-priced yet delicious wines on the Côte Chalonnaise (Bouzeron, Rully, Givry & Mercurey) together with some real cheapies in our local ‘cave’ which mean we come home with a bootload every time.

The cuisine of the region is perhaps heavy and a little predictable – Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq au Vin, Escargots, Cuisses de Grenouilles  & Jambon Persillé – but it all goes fantastically with the local wines. That’s what it’s all about though after all – they’ve been making wine in Burgundy for centuries and they know all too well which foods match their wines. And this is one of my favourite food and wine matching concepts – drink the wine of the region with the local cuisine.

So you’ll see some posts about Burgundy on this blog.  For a taster, try this.


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