Obsessed with food and wine and the matching of the two, I started this blog to record my ideas.  Now it’s a diary of my best food experiences and the wines that go with them. Tell me your ideas and I hope I can give you some hints in my posts. It’s all about having a go and finding out what you like – I hate to get too stuffy and complicated about it. Experiment and you’ll probably find some fantastic combinations.

I went into the world of work as a trainee Human Resources Manager and spent 10 years climbing the ladder in that field. After having my first child, I realised there were far more interesting things in life than HR and was lucky enough to spend 5 years working at Yapp Brothers, a specialist importer of French wines – www.yapp.co.uk. I learnt a lot about wine there and started experimenting with food and wine matches, something I can’t stop doing now. It bores some people to death I know,  but I love it and, through Twitter, I’ve found like-minded people with some sensible, imaginative and wild ideas.

I can’t emphasize enough that food and wine matching is just an experiment and you should go with what you fancy.  If it works, remember it. If it doesn’t, try something different next time.  Oh, and if it REALLY works, send me an email. Or a tweet – @foodwinediarist


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