A weekend in Stockholm: ABBA The Museum

IMG_20130726_135748[1]For the first time in four years, I have written a blog post with no mention of food nor wine, but if you’re an Abba fan you might enjoy it anyway.  We’re just back from Stockholm and here are the highlights from our trip to ABBA The Museum which opened in May of this year.   Having been an avid Abba fan since childhood, I couldn’t wait to go round it and we weren’t disappointed.  Even the husband got right into it.

I am Anna-Frid!

I am Anna-Frid!

First off, we were ushered into a small room with a huge screen where a two-minute movie was played featuring snippets of video footage and a reminder of all the best hits.

This led into a section covering the history of each Abba member with particular focus on what they were doing pre-Abba, each of them having been well-known performers in Sweden prior to the band taking shape.

In the Abba The Arrival helicopter

In the Abba The Arrival helicopter

From then on, things got increasingly interactive: we had a go at mixing Mamma Mia, we were recorded dancing along to a song (Just Dance 3 style), we did karaoke in a booth and the husband got up on stage and sang with holograms of the group dancing along with him – quite something to behold, believe me.  Some of these exploits were recorded and a record of them can be found at abbathemuseum.com.  I’m not sure I dare look!

Spot the new addition to the group

Spot the new addition to the group

There’s plenty to keep Abba fans amused at the museum.  The disco space plays non-stop Abba music which you can just dance along with.  There are displays of costumes, record awards, sets from videos and the Abba recording studio.   Mamma Mia (the film and the musical) gets a mention too.  The last stop on the map is the cinema which shows ABBA The Movie non-stop and we sat down for a few minutes to watch, exhausted by this stage.


A superb trip and huge fun.  Tickets cost 195 SEK (£19.50 approx) and the website advises booking in advance.


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