Seville orange tart and a wine to match

Seville orange tart with a sweet almond pastry

Seville orange tart with a sweet almond pastry

On Sunday I made a sweet tart.  Now this is something I don’t often do, not having much of a sweet tooth but with the fruit shelves of my local supermarket brimming over with Seville oranges and a wine match to work out for an orange tart, I took the plunge.

I have always been distressed by the fact that my husband is better at making pastry than me and having enjoyed using Richard Bertinet’s two bread cookbooks, “Dough” and “Crust”, I asked for his latest book “Pastry” for Christmas.  So there was no excuse really and I made Richard’s sweet almond pastry base which seemed to go mostly according to plan. For the Seville orange curd filling, I consulted the Moro cookbook.

My wine match for the tart

My wine match for the tart

The tart was sweet but fresh and tangy at the same time.  My wine match is an unusual one from Limari in northern Chile.  Vistamar’s late-harvest Moscatel has the same fresh zestiness as the orange tart and it’s bursting with full-on intense tropical fruit.  The grapes are harvested late and left to dry partially on straw mats which gives concentrated flavours in the resulting wine.

You perhaps don’t want more than a slice and a glass of this combination at once but they both keep in the fridge for a few days so it’s been lovely to return a couple of times to make the most of this heady mix.

The wine is available at Majestic in half-bottles, currently for £6.24 or £4.99 if you buy two online.  Majestic also suggest matching this moscatel with sticky toffee pudding, sweet cheesecakes or rich blue cheeses.

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