A week of little chocolate indulgences

My husband, 11-year-old and I have been enjoying some pretty special dark chocolate over the last week.  Just a couple of squares a day have provided an indulgent and satisfying evening treat which all came about because online chocolate boutique Chocolate and Love sent me two sample bars of their organic, dark chocolate.

Beautifully packaged with wonderful colours and offering plenty of information about the source of the cocoa used, the bars of Filthy Rich Dark Chocolate (71% cocoa) and Orange Mantra (65% cocoa and subtly flavoured with orange oil) didn’t stay wrapped up for long after they arrived in the post.

The Filthy Rich (great name!) is made using organic cocoa from small cooperatives in Peru and the Dominican Republic and, as its name would have you believe, is rather rich, but also very satisfying, not too bitter and just feels good for you.  Silky-smooth in the mouth, it is definitely something to linger over.

The Orange Mantra with its subtle orangey tang, achieved by cold pressing orange fruit peels in Italy, was for me exquisite.   I am not normally a great fan of flavoured chocolate as it so often masks the quality of the chocolate itself but I was impressed with the balance of chocolate to orange in this bar and I would certainly buy it again.  The long, lingering flavour of the powerful chocolate perfectly entwined with the hint of natural orange was lovely.

I highly recommend these chocolate bars to you.  Chocolate and Love have many others on offer as you will see if you visit www.chocolateandlove.com although there is such a selection that it could be a little confusing – an overview of the different types might be helpful.  The bars mentioned above retail at £3.20 for 100g.  We’ve finished our samples now but we’ll be back on the site to buy more.  A chocolate club, gift vouchers and chocolate tasting sessions are also available.

With thanks to Chocolate and Love for the samples.

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2 Responses to A week of little chocolate indulgences

  1. Choclette says:

    The orange mantra was really good. I don’t normally like orange chocolate as it reminds me of eating too much Terry’s chocolate orange when I was younger. But this one was very different. I was lucky enough to get a bar to review as well – glad you liked it too.

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