In the veg patch!

I know it seems to be the ‘in’ thing this year but we have gone for it again with our veg patch (and greenhouse), hoping for a better crop than last year. Even the damson tree gave up last summer so my husband, aka Jam-maker Supreme, had to rely on a meagre crop of cooking apples in the garden and a surprising glut of blackberries in the hedgerows around our village. Sloes were virtually non-existent so we made no sloe gin which was disappointing and stocks of the 2007 vintage are now exhausted so here’s hoping for a bumper crop in 2009.

This year, I’m experimenting with a few things I’ve not tried before – butternut squash, cucumbers, sweetcorn and broad beans. I’ve always relied on my mother-in-law’s excellent efforts with broad beans in the past but, as she lives a reasonable distance away, we have only had a couple of big bagfuls from her of a summer and I am hungry for more! I only hope we can live up to her reputation. My mouth is watering just thinking about broad beans with feta cheese and mint (really must look into Greek wines) or with chorizo and a juicy Spanish red. I can’t wait – the first planting is flowering now and the second is not far behind!

More on the veg patch as things are ready to use…….

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